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Flame Sensor Uvtron
شرکت سازنده : Hamamatsu
درباره شرکت سازنده :

Hamamatsu, Japan – May 13, 2014 – Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. has announced the completion of a new building at its Main Factory for the development and mass production of MOEMS-based opto-semiconductor devices and modules by its Solid State Division.Hamamatsu Company

The advanced products to be made at the facility will be for automotive use, smartphones, and various other applications. Operations at the new Building No. 13 are scheduled to begin in September. A completion ceremony for the new building will be held on May 14, 2014.

All products

Electron tube detectors
Micro PMT
PMT (photomultiplier tubes)
PMT modules
PMT assemblies
Accessories for PMT
Electron multipliers (EM)
Flame sensors/UV TRON
MCP (microchannel plates)
Image intensifiers (I.I.)
Image intensifier unit
Scintillator plates
Fast decay phosphor
All products
Opto-semiconductor detectors
Si photodiodes
MPPC (multi-pixel photon counters)
Image sensors
Photo IC
Infrared detectors
Illuminance sensors/visible light sensors
Color sensors
MSM Photodetector
X-ray flat panel sensors
Opto-semiconductor modules

Light sources
Light-emitting modules
Opto-Spectrum Generator (OSG)
RF electric discharge type excimer lamp
UV-LED light sources
Spot light sources
Flash light sources
UV-VIS fiber light sources
UVCL (Ultra Violet Cathode emitting Light source)
Calibrated light sources
VUV light source units
Compact D2 lamp modules
Xenon flash lamp modules
H2D2 light source units
Picosecond light pulsers
Electrostatic removers
VUV ionizer
Terahertz wave generator/detector module

Laser modules
Stealth dicing engine
LD heating light source(LD-HEATER)
LD irradiation light source (SPOLD)

Light-emitting devices
Xenon lamps/mercury-xenon lamps
Xenon flash lamps
Deuterium lamps
Hollow cathode lamps
CW Laser diode (CWLD)
Pulsed Laser diode (PLD)
Super luminescent diode (SLD)
Quantum cascade laser (QCL)
High-power Laser Diode Bar Module
DDL (Direct diode laser)
FOLD (Fiber out laser diode)

Radiation sources
Microfocus X-ray sources

Optical components
Optical blocks
Scan block
FOP (fiber optic plates)
FAC lens
Capillary plates
Flow cells
LCOS-SLM (Optical Phase Modulators)
Image splitting optics

Imaging software

Photometry systems
Spectral photometry
Luminescence efficiency measurement systems
Fluorescence lifetime/transient absorption analysis systems

Ultrafast photometry
Streak cameras

Light level measurement
Photon detection units
UV power meters

Measurement /analysis systems
Failure analysis systems
Failure analysis support software
Plasma process monitors

LD/LED/fiber measurement
Laser beam profilers
Laser beam measurement systems
LED evaluation systems

Life science
Digital slide scanners
Drug screening systems

Brain/tissue oxygen monitors
Blood vessels observation camera system

Industrial measurement
Thickness measurement systems
Pinhole inspection unit


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